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Pursuit of the truth award

Non-governmental environment group Te Ipukarea Society has presented Cook Islands News reporter Rachel Reeves with an award for her dogged “pursuit of the truth” in covering offshore fisheries issues. 

Reeves, who has been an integral part of the CINews team since January 2010, has shown strong reporting skills in tackling the often-thorny issues surrounding the country’s fisheries.

Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) programme manager Jacqui Evans presented Reeves the “TIS award for persistent pursuit of the truth on Cook Islands fisheries” on Friday afternoon.

“We want to thank Rachel so much for all the wonderful coverage on offshore fisheries issues. She has constantly pushed for answers from [Marine Resources] Minister Teina Bishop and secretary Ben Ponia,” said Evans.

Reeves’ recent coverage of marine issues includes holding the ministry to task over the legality of fishing licences granted.

Evans believes comprehensive coverage of marine resources helps TIS and its cause.

People need to work collaboratively to pursue the truth, said Reeves in accepting her award.

“It’s scary stuff what’s happening in fisheries right now. To effect positive change the media, groups like TIS and people who care all have to work together.”

  • Calida Smylie – courtesy Cook Islands News