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What are current activities?

Following enactment of the Marae Moana Act 2017, a comprehensive action plan has been developed that includes all relevant government agencies, NGOs and traditional leaders. The action plan is based on agency and organisation business plans to demonstrate what is being done towards achieving the Marae Moana policy objectives. Following this, a capacity needs assessment will be done to determine the challenges encountered by agencies and organisations and this will help determine investment needed for the successful implementation of the Marae Moana policy.   A communications strategy has also been developed and help is needed to implement the strategy.  Members of the Marae Moana Council and Technical Advisory Group have been confirmed and appointed, rules and procedures have been developed and regular meetings of the two groups held. The Technical Advisory Group is currently putting together marine spatial planning procedures to help with the development of the National Marae Moana Spatial Plan – a marine spatial plan that covers the entire Cook Islands Exclusive Economic Zone. The Cook Islands is seeking help with the collection of deep ocean biodiversity data (up to 6,000 metres deep) for that marine spatial plan.