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Marumaru Atua returns Rat Eradication Team

The Traditional Cook Islands Voyaging Vaka (Canoe) the Marumaru Atua, was back in Rarotonga with some extra cargo. Taking a team of 10 volunteers, it set off for Suwarrow two weeks prior and after a 4 day voyage arrived just outside the reef of Suwarrow.

Staying for four days the crew then joined in on the Rat Eradication that had already been done by a group of ten for the past three weeks. The crew were happy to help out with the project as they too could see the benefit first hand in preserving the quality of life and especially bird life in this pristine bird sanctuary.

After the four day lay over all the Eradication staff including photographers, and Environment service staff put their hand to the job of being part of the crew to sail Marumaru Atua back to Rarotonga. With a longer trip back due to not so friendly winds, after six days of sailing the beautiful waters back from Suwarrow, Rarotonga was a beautiful sight.

The crew though a little weary from the Sun and continuing shifts on watch welcomed the extra hands the Rat Eradication team provided and added to the experience of sailing a traditional voyaging canoe. With everyone home safe, the question now was whether the Vaka would go back to Suwarrow in November to pick up the two game keepers that were stationed there before the return of the hurricane season.