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Marine Park News

Understanding Marae Moana

Wednesday October 24, 2018 Surveys commissioned by the team managing Marae Moana reveal that little is known within the Cook Islands community about the marine park covering our whole ocean – what it is, what it means, and why it matters. Respondents under the age

Chance to Have a Say on Marae Moana

Monday October 29, 2018 The tiny team working to give Marae Moana life is, until next week, inviting feedback from the public about what ocean-based activities need managing and how much. Comments will inform a process called marine spatial planning, which determines what’s allowed where

Watershed moment’ for Marae Moana

6 February 2018- Cook Islands News The meeting was followed by a meeting of the council on the same Friday and Puna says he’s pleased that after passing “this momentous piece of legislation (the Marae Moana Act). The government is now getting on with the

Exclusion Zone Set At 50nm

23 March 2017 The Cook Islands is to have a 50 nautical mile exclusion zone around its islands. Cabinet decided unanimously on the size of the buffer zone yesterday. By confirming the 50nm zone the government has maintained its commitment – made three years ago

Marae Moana Bill Scheduled for Debate

10 July 2017 The Marae Moana Bill is scheduled to be debated in Parliament today. The purpose of the bill is to formally establish Marae Moana over the entire Exclusive Economic Zone of the Cook Islands as well as the lagoons, reefs and territorial seas.

TIS Welcomes News of 50nm Buffer Zone

24 March 2017 Te Ipukarea Society (TIS) has welcomed Cabinet’s decision to establish a 50 nautical mile exclusion zone around the Cook Islands for the Marae Moana marine park. Cabinet on Tuesday unanimously decided on the size of the buffer zone which excludes foreign commercial

Marae Moana Bill Makes Progress

The MARAE Moana Task Force has finished gathering comments on the draft Marae Moana Bill and has submitted them to Crown Law. The bill was drafted based on the recommendations of a legal analysis, feedback from community meetings around the country and input from representatives

Marae Moana Policy Finally Finished

3 March 2016 After a year of discussion, the Marae Moana Oceans Policy is now with Prime Minister Henry Puna who will present it to Cabinet. The policy, which guides the management and use of the Cook Islands marine environment, has been formulated in consultation

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Prime Minister Pushes Marine Park Project

Wednesday March 25, 2015 Written by Phillipa Webb Published in Cook Islands News An urgent meeting between the Prime Minister and Heads of Ministries was held on March 25, 2015 to attempt to push forward the Marae Moana marine park project.  The ministry heads met with Puna, and

Marine Park Research Cruise

The boat arrived in Manuae on Tuesday 30th July, and we did 3 dives that day.   On Wednesday we did 2 more dives in the morning, and spent the afternoon exploring the island.  We found a FAD from a large Purse Seine vessel, the Amalia.   This boat